Reason for the Season, Christmas 2014

With the help and coordination of Delia and our club members, we prepared 40 stockings for seniors with the Commission on Aging. So many goodies to include in each stocking! Mary helped us coordinate serveral wonderfully personalized gifts for special needs children in Fresno. Our whole meeting was dedicated to wrapping presents and stocking stuffing. Definitely the reason for the season. Great job, everybody.IMG_3896 IMG_3894 IMG_3893 IMG_3891 IMG_3890 IMG_3889 IMG_3888 IMG_3887 IMG_3886 IMG_3885 IMG_3883 IMG_3882 IMG_3880 IMG_3879 IMG_3878 IMG_3876 IMG_3874 IMG_3912 IMG_3910 IMG_3909 IMG_3908 IMG_3907 IMG_3906 IMG_3905 IMG_3904 IMG_3903 IMG_3902 IMG_3901 IMG_3900 IMG_3899 IMG_3898 IMG_3897


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